No.82 September 19, 2011

(New drug application (NDA)) Review report
Report on the deliberation results
Clinical trial (study) report
Summary technical documentation (STED)
Application for marketing approval; new drug application (NDA)
Application dossier
Summary basis of approval (SBA)

New drug application (NDA) review reports (審査報告書) are extensive reports that outline the NDA review process and conclusion for each new drug approved in Japan. Review reports are prepared by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA; 医薬品医療機器総合機構) and published...

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By Takashi Ohama

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Fumio Kishida was sworn in as Japan’s 100th prime minister. While a major focus is on how he will embody his centerpiece policy proposals made during the LDP campaign, another key topic is how the…

By Philip Carrigan

If you were able to make more money at a company you found less desirable than your current one, would it be worth it? Conversely, would you move to a better company and a better role and accept less pay?…

The average ratio of female employees at managerial posts stood at just 12.5% at pharmaceutical companies operating in Japan, a Jiho survey revealed. While foreign drug makers had an average 25.0%, the ratio came to as low as 9.8% for…

By Yoshinori Sagehashi

Biogen’s controversial Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab was filed for Japanese regulatory approval in December. If approved, it will be the first…

Japan’s key reimbursement policy panel on December 20 approved an outline of its FY2020 drug pricing reform next April, with…

Japan will go ahead with the introduction of a cost-effectiveness assessment (CEA) scheme for drugs and medical devices in April…