Admin-Key, Error Messages, etc.

  • QWhat is an “Admin-Key”?


    An “Admin-key” is an important code that should be safely secured as it is required for confirming or making changes to your account information. It is issued to subscribers along with a user ID in an email sent upon the completion of the subscription registration process.

    **To confirm or change registered information (contract details, email address, billing address, etc.), please select “Account Information” on the bottom of the webpage, and then enter your “Admin-key”.

    For a forgotten or lost “Admin-key”, please contact us by accessing the following link:

  • QI have not received the “Welcome to PHARMA JAPAN” email from PHARMA JAPAN.


    If you do not receive the “Welcome to PHARMA JAPAN” email, which contains a link to complete your subscription registration, even a few minutes after your email entry, the following could be the cause:

    [1] It is in your spam folder.
    [2] The email address you entered is incorrect.

    If you cannot find the email in your spam folder, please try to register again with a correct email address by using the following link:

  • QWhat do I do if I receive the following “This link has been disabled” message?


    The link contained in your email has been disabled after the activation period expired. Please register again by accessing the following link:

  • QHow soon can I access PHARMA JAPAN after registration?


    You can access the PHARMA JAPAN website as soon as your registration is completed.