Japan, US, EU Regulators Trod Different Paths to Iressa Approval; Japan’s Capabilities to Be Tested with Sakigake System


Pricing premium for the promotion of new drug development and the elimination/resolution of off-label use:

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Pharma Companies in JPAC Are Searching for the Goldilocks Candidate


Belsomra Most Heavily Pitched Drug in July: Anterio Ranking(Oct.05)
Japan Hypertension Society Announces COI Guide after Diovan Woes(Oct.05)
Humanitarian Trial Data Will Be Supplementary Reference to Confirmatory Studies: Govt(Oct.05)
Drug Pricing Tomorrow: Full Interview with JMA Vice President Nakagawa(Oct.05)
Japan OTC Drug Market Logs 1st Rise in 5 Years: Fuji Keizai(Oct.05)

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