Wholesalers Face Pressing Need to Retool Biz Strategy as Generics Gain Ground


Pricing premium for the promotion of new drug development and the elimination/resolution of off-label use:

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What’s Your Pharma Company’s Brand in Japan?


Wholesalers Must Ponder Use of Reps for New Business: Mediceo CEO(Jul.31)
Nichi-Iko to Tie Up with Thai Drug Maker to Strengthen Lineup, Accelerate Brand Penetration(Jul.31)
Nippon Kayaku Initiates PIII Study of Herceptin Biosimilar in Japan(Jul.31)
Sumitomo Dainippon’s Leigh Syndrome Drug Showed No Statistical Difference in PIIb Study in US(Jul.31)
Cresemba Fails to Meet Primary Endpoint in PIII Study for Candidemia: Astellas(Jul.31)

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