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Personal Information Protection by Jiho, Inc.

Clause 8 (Handling of Personal Information) (Extracted from the Terms of Use)

JIHO shall utilize personal information within the scope of the purposes to provide PJ (i.e. PHARMA JAPAN website) related notifications and advertisements.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy by Jiho, Inc.

Jiho, Inc. has established the following policy, as its corporate responsibility towards customers, regarding the protection of personal information handled by Jiho, Inc. (“Personal Information Protection Policy”).
Jiho, Inc. has implemented a compliance program for the protection and handling of personal information, and properly maintains such program.

Jiho, Inc. will acquire, utilize, provide, and store personal information for the sole purpose of its business activities.
Jiho, Inc. will take reasonable measures to secure personal information against unauthorized access in order to prevent its loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage.
The employees of Jiho, Inc. and personnel involved in its business activities will adhere to the laws and guidelines on personal information protection.
Jiho, Inc. will regularly revise and improve the compliance program.

March 2005
Jiho, Inc.
Shoichiro Takeda

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