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Link Policy

Creating a link to PHARMA JAPAN daily news site is accepted under the following terms and conditions. Once a link is created, we request your voluntary report through our on-line enquiry form informing us of the linked page and its URL, brief summary of your website together with its URL, and your purpose of creating the link.

Terms and Conditions for Creating a Link
Please clearly mention that the link is created with PHARMA JAPAN daily news site. This applies in the case where a link is created from the article title to corresponding article page.
We reserve the right to deny the link if the link to PHARMA JAPAN daily news site is used for inappropriate commercial purpose such as advertisement or merchandising.
Please do not incorporate the contents from PHARMA JAPAN daily news site into your site through frame links which cannot be distinguished by the third party be tween PHARMA JAPAN site and your site.

Please note Jiho, Inc. may at any time alter the URL of articles in PHARMA JAPAN daily news site based on necessary editing and updating.Such alteration will not be notified to the parties which created the link.