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PHARMA JAPAN WEB is a fee-based online service that provides news on the Japanese healthcare industry in English.

What kind of service is provided by PHARMA JAPAN WEB?

PHARMA JAPAN WEB, Japan's only website on the healthcare industry available in English, covers the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry including the activities of Japanese pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers and healthcare industry-related organizations, and governmental policies and regulations. We post about five articles daily, provide explanations of industry and regulatory terminologies, and make it possible to search and view archives.
Pharma Japan WEB will be the only news source that enables you to access the most updated information on the Japanese pharmaceutical industry in English.

About Usage Fee

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What is the usage fee for PHARMA JAPAN WEB?

The usage fee is \180,000 (excluding Japanese consumption tax) annually per user ID, and \94,800 (excluding Japanese consumption tax) for six months.

About Functions of PHARMA JAPAN WEB

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When are the articles updated on PHARMA JAPAN WEB?

Articles are updated daily, Monday to Friday (Japan time, excluding holidays, year-end, and new-year). Approximately 5 articles are provided each day.

Are the articles published in the past available?

Not only can you read all the past and current articles posted on this website, but you can also search for past articles published in the weekly paper-based Pharma Japan (discontinued/March 2012) in the digital archives dating back to January 2001 up until March 2012.

How many email addresses can be registered for PHARMA JAPAN WEB?

Two addresses per user ID.

How to Use

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Please subscribe via the Subscription Registration form for PHARMA JAPAN WEB. Upon registration, we will send an email “reminder” that includes important details, such as the “Admin-Key”, “User ID”, and “User Password” (your selected password). Please log in using your user ID and user password.
The “Admin-Key” is used to make any necessary changes to your registration information (Subscriber Information).

What is the “Admin-Key”?

The “Admin-Key” is an important key that is used to confirm or make changes to your registration information (Subscriber Information), such as your name, address, and credit card information. The “Admin-Key” is issued only to subscribers.

How does PHARMA JAPAN WEB authorize subscribers?

Subscribers are authorized by their user ID and password.

I have a user ID for PHARMA JAPAN WEB. If I have already logged out of one computer, can I log in to PHARMA JAPAN WEB via another computer?

Yes. However, please make sure to click the “LOGOUT” button displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
If instead you click the X button displayed in the upper right corner of the browser to close the browser window, the login status might remain active for a short time, during which you will be unable to log in to another computer until your user ID is automatically logged out. Please try to log in again after some time has passed.

Can I save materials published on PHARMA JAPAN WEB in PDF format, etc., and distribute such on my company’s intranet?

No. You cannot use any materials published on PHARMA JAPAN WEB beyond the private use defined in the Copyright Law.

What are the recommended system requirements to view PHARMA JAPAN WEB?

The necessary system requirements are as follows:

1) Operating System (OS)
  1. Windows2000/XP/vista/7
  2. MacMac OS X 10.X
2) Browser
  1. Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  2. FireFox 3.5 or later
  3. SafariWin version 4 or later ⁄ Mac version 4 or later
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