For Subscriptions from Outside Japan


Price per user ID: \ 180,000 (annual)*
\ 94,800 (semiannual)*
*Excluding Japanese consumption tax

Note: The subscription fee is non-refundable if the subscription is cancelled during the subscription period.

Subscription Method

The subscription procedure is as follows:

1. Click the “Subscribe Here” link to begin the subscription registration process.

First, click the “Subscribe Here” link. In the displayed window, enter your email address in the field provided, and then click the “Go to Registration Form” button. Next, enter the necessary information in the registration form.


2.登録したメールアドレスへ [URL] を通知。

Upon completion of the registration form, an activation URL will be sent to your email address.


3. Click the activation URL included in the email.

When you click the activation URL, the user password window will be displayed.


4. Enter the user password

Enter the user password that you specified while filling out the registration form (Step 1), and then click the “Complete” button.
Jiho will then send you the user ID, along with your specified user password, both of which are necessary for Step 5.


5. When you click the “Go to Top Page” link, the PHARMA JAPAN login window will be displayed.

Enter your user ID and user password in the fields provided.

About Automatic Subscription Renewal System

Jiho has adopted an automatic subscription renewal system to maintain your subscription until notified of cancellation. Thus, the system does not require you to renew your subscription.

Automatic Subscription Renewal Process

1. An expiration notification email titled “Subscription Expiration Notification” will be sent.
The expiration notification will be sent approximately two months before the expiration of your subscription.
2. Jiho will charge a subscription fee for the next subscription term.
Bank Transfer: An invoice will be sent approximately a month and a half before the expiration of your subscription. Credit Card: A payment will be made on the starting date of the subscription through the credit card company.
Subscription Expiration Notification Charge for Next Subscription Period

For Cancellations: Please contact Jiho concerning the cancellation of your subscription before the starting date of the next subscription term.

Payment Method

Full payment of a selected subscription term must be made in advance.

[Bank Transfer]

An invoice will be sent to your specified address. Payment must be made to the bank account designated by Jiho. Please make payment upon the arrival of our invoice. Please note that you are responsible for the bank transfer fee.

[Credit card]

Jiho accepts the following credit cards:

Note: Only one user ID can be purchased with one credit card.

Credit card
Settlement Date

The credit card company will inform you of the date and amount. However, billing date inquiries should be made directly to the credit card company.

For New Subscriber
The settlement date will be the date of the subscription or the following day.
For Existing Subscriber
The settlement date will be the starting date of the subscription, or the next business day if the starting date is Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday.

*The settlement date might differ if you subscribe during the year-end, new-year, or long-holiday periods.

*If you would like to know the exact settlement date, please click here.

*Jiho might send an invoice if payment cannot be made by credit card for some reason.

When your credit card information has changed, please make sure to enter the new information (credit card type, card number, cardholder’s name, and expiration date) by clicking the “Change Payment Method” link on the “Subscriber Information Menu” window.

Information based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Company name: Jiho, Inc.
Representative: Shoichiro Takeda, President
Location: Sarugakucho Bldg. , 1-5-15 Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0064 Tokyo
Inquiries: Sales Department: FAX: +81-3-3233-6338
*Please send inquiries concerning contents or articles via the “Inquiry” form. Telephone inquiries are not accepted.
Retail price: See detailed page
Payment method: Credit card
Bank transfer (Subscriber is responsible for the transfer fee)
Expenses excluded from the retail price: The subscriber is responsible for the cost of equipment for web service, communication equipment, and software, and communication and connection fees.
The subscriber is also responsible for the transfer fee for subscription, and for the transfer fee for refunds, if necessary.
Subscription: Upon completion of the subscription registration, a user ID will be issued and sent along with the user password (specified by the subscriber) via email to the subscriber. Both the user ID and user password are required to use the website of PHARMA JAPAN WEB.
Cancellation: The subscription fee is non-refundable if the subscription is cancelled during the subscription period.
Return/exchange of service: Return or exchange of service is not possible due to characteristics of the web service.
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