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Lists breaking news and the major news of the day, updated in a timely manner. You can browse through the news of the day in the Latest News section.



Provides descriptions on words and phrases used for Japanese pharmaceutical and medical regulations.


Article Search

Not only can you read all the past and current articles posted on this website, but you can also search for past articles published in the weekly paper-based Pharma Japan(discontinued/March 2012) in the digital archives dating back to January 2001 up until March 2012.


Weekly EBook)

You can read a week's worth of news in Ebook format, which covers all the news articles published during the previous week on Pharma Japan WEB. Plus, for those on-the-go, the ebook pages can be conveniently printed out in A4 size and read.
Distributed: Once a week (Each Monday) /Size: A4/ No. of Pages: 20-28



Commentaries by staff writers will be translated and published online, providing the reader with the total picture of the Japanese medical and pharmaceutical industries, including the behind-the-scene stories of the news articles.


The Column

Many leading experts in the pharmaceutical industry, such as executives of pharmaceutical companies, goverment officials, researchers, and medical practitioners, contribute their opinions or hot topics freely in column format.



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